.BANK domain - cannot activate in Cloudflare

Hello - we are in the process of moving a .bank domain to Cloudflare platform. We are using Business plan and we got the instructions to active the Cloudlfare account. When we asked the registrar to use the cloudflare name servers they said .bank domain regulations doesnt allow them to use it.

We can setup a custom name servers in Cloudflare but without activating the account we cannot use it. So we are in a chicken & egg situation. Cloudflare is not activating the account without name server change and the registrar is not ready to use the Cloudflare name server.

We opened a ticket - #2184547 yesterday but other than the initial response we dont have any updates. Please let me know if there is a different way to activate the Cloudflare account so we can use the custom name server option.

thank you.

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Hi wbapps,

I’ve checked in on your ticket and you’ve done everything correctly up until this point:

  1. You have chosen Business plan (or higher) so you can configure custom .bank nameservers
  2. You have configured the custom .bank name servers in your Cloudflare dashboard
  3. Cloudflare is already responding on those custom name server IPs with your NS / SOA

All that remains is step 4 which would be to have your registrar switch your domain to the NS configured in Step 2 and everything should activate from there.

Edit - Step 4 should also include the DNSSEC setup if .bank requires it - you can get the DNSSEC settings from the DNS part of the dash http://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/dns

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