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Hi there!
I need to ask some information, about cloudflare.
Next week at 09.11.19 we will make a big social event with a celebrity that will boost our website .
Many people will visit our website,because of the event. We are expecting 50k people to join from 9.11 to 13.11.
Question is should i do something in cloudflare? Increase something ? Im not a tech but asking what shouyld i do .
All help is welcome :slight_smile:

That sounds exciting!

You didn’t post the domain name, so Community members can’t get details on your site’s function. Are there signups at your website? Or is it just for browsing?

By default, Cloudflare doesn’t cache the pages themselves. Just static files like images, css, and javascript files. So that will take some load off your server.

If it’s a static site, you can force the pages to cache, as well.


Website is , its a beauty shop , that sells goods.
Thanks for answering btw .

Ahhh, a shopping site. Without jumping through technical hoops, you’ll just need your server to be able to take the load. You’ll have to check with your host on this. They might even be able to temporarily increase your capacity for that week. Have you ever load-tested your site?

If you can jump through technical hoops, you can cache the site for anybody not logged in. But, again, it’s a few technical hoops:

  1. Set some Page Rules for Cache Everything.
  2. Add a Worker to process requests:

Whoever created your site should have some idea on what can and can not be cached. Or find a strong web developer who can figure this out for you.


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