Bandwith limit for argo tunnel

I am thinking of exposing my nextcloud instance to the world with argo tunnel. This article says that argo tunnel is free for all users. However the argo smart routing page says that argo tunnel is included with the plan and it will cost $0.10 per gb after the first 1 gb of transfer. I have used argo tunnel before but it was not a lot of bandwith. Are there any limits for bandwith of the free argo tunnel. I do not own argo smart routing.

Sure, Argo Smart Routing comes with Argo Tunnel, but you don’t need Smart Routing to use Tunnel. Here’s a bit of a setup article on it:

Just be careful regarding Terms of Service 2.8, as non-HTML content can’t be the primary purpose for using Cloudflare.

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Thanks for the reply. Does the free argo tunnel have any bandwith limitations. The blog post for setup seem pretty good. A big thank you for pointing out my potential violation of Terms OF Service 2.8

No. It’s pretty much the same data connection as a standard configuration, but initiated from your server instead of Cloudflare’s proxy server.


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Another question. If I am using argo tunnel to transfer files from my nextcloud instance, will the traffic be considered for non html content even if i put a grey cloud on the record.

Argo Tunnel is Cloudflare. If you manage to get it working under :grey: (I’d be somewhat surprised if it worked), it’s still using Cloudflare’s network (As it’s cloudflared connecting to Cloudflare).

That being said, I use Argo Tunnel for a NextCloud instance. But it’s not a ton of traffic (~25GB shared folder with 10 users) and I’ve never heard of Cloudflare getting upset about someone proxying NextCloud.

I will have even less traffic on that instance, so I guess I can use it for my nextcloud instance. Thanks a lot

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