Bandwith limit exceeded

I have revceived a message that I have exceed my bandwith limit. Help recover my website

Cloudflare has no bandwidth limits, as long as your usage is within the terms of service.

That message is likely coming from your hosting provider, and not Cloudflare.

Is this an email you received? Of so, check the SENDER of the message.

Or is this a message displayed on your website? If so, what is your website address?

Standing by.

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Thank you

The message is being displayed on the website. Any help?

This has nothing to do with Cloudflare.

Contact your hosting provider for help.

After you have worked things out with your hosting provider, check your Cloudflare zone analytics to see if there’s opportunity to cache more of your traffic on Cloudflare.

Good luck!

Alright. Thanks

I was told to upgrade my plan

Which plan? By who? Are you able to share more information about the error specifically and how you think it may relate to Cloudflare?

If it relates to your hosting plan, that is not something we can assist with here and you would need to ask your provider for help.

I’ve contacted my provider and I’ve been directed on how to go about it.
Thank you

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