Bandwidth usage for given pathname and hostname using API

Is there any way to get bandwidth usage for a specific pathname and hostname(using SSL for custom hostname) using API. for eg: ,, I couldn’t find it in the API documentation.


If it’s not something you see in the dashboard, it’s unlikely it’s possible through the API or GraphQL.

If you need more detailed analytics, you’ll have to use Logging in an Enterprise Plan, or subscribe to a third party service such as

I thought it was possible using site analytics in a paid plan. Here’s what I found in the docs

Analytics are based on Cloudflare’s edge logs, with no need for third party scripts or trackers. The Traffic tab features the following metrics:

  • Visits - A visit is defined as a page view that originated from a different website, or direct link. Cloudflare checks where the HTTP referer does not match the hostname. One visit can consist of multiple page views.
  • Page views - A page view is defined as a successful HTTP response with a content-type of HTML.
  • Requests - An HTTP request. A typical page view requires many requests.
  • Data Transfer - Total HTTP data transferred in requests.

Ok, I do see bandwidth in Paid Plan analytics when I specify a path.

Unfortunately, I don’t see a way to filter by path with GraphQL. Maybe another @MVP has dug into this.

Check out the zone-level GraphQL dataset [1] called httpRequestsAdaptiveGroups, which I cannot access on a workers-only plan, but has a dimension called clientRequestPath, which you can sum by edgeRequestBytes

[1] Schema docs for the Cloudflare GraphQL Analytics API


Thanks. I will try that.