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Hi everyone,

I am having some issue with my site freebiedesign (not) net
I will explain my situation. I was hosted at contabo, and I used Cloudflare as a standard cache, and everything worked fine, around 40% or more bandwidth has been saved from Cloudflare (free plan). After I moved to knownhost, I started to use StackPath (maxcdn), and since now my host is ‘wordpress managed’ I wasn’t able to use wp fastest cache plugin, instead, knownhost has installed to me Litespeed cache plugin. Then I used this plugin and active StackPath as well as Cloudflare, and then I have added one page rule in Cloudflare to cache my html etc. But somehow, Cloudflare is save me just 1% or 2% bandwidth. I am just not too sure what is wrong, I can’t see if Cloudflare is cache my files or not. I tested from here: REDbot: <>
and I can’t see if CF status is HIT or MIS - because is not show, while Litespeed cache it shows as ‘hit’.

The same page rule and configuration is using one of my friend and he have around 70% bandwidth saved with free plan - his site is stockpsd (dot )net
Note: He is using also stackpath + Cloudflare but he is using with VPS server + wp fastest cache plugin.
In this link you can see my dashboard print screen and page rule:

If you can help me or give me some suggestion it would be really appreciated.

all the best.

Since you have implemented the StackPath CDN, you aren’t serving any files yourself through*. All static resources seem to go through the StackPath CDN url.

If you want to let Cloudflare cache HTML, you need to set up a page rule to match the pages you want to cache.

Thanks so much for reply. So, instead of freebiedesign(dot)net/wp-content* what url should I put ?
CDN url of mine is:
Should I put this url? Sorry if I am asking so much.

p.s in this case, is with stackpath cdn + Cloudflare, but Cloudflare is caching and save bandwidth up to 50%. The same goes for pixelsdesign (dot) net which I manage with my friend. They both have the same page rule in Cloudflare.

No worries! Here to help :slight_smile:

The stackpath CDN url isn’t proxied by Cloudflare, so adding a page rule that matches that url doesnt do anything. If you want to use Cloudflare as CDN for your static resources, then make sure to uninstall stackpath.

You could set up a cache rule for* if you would like to let Cloudflare cache everything including html. But in that case make sure to exclude wp-admin/*, so you don’t get issues managing your content.

You have a mix of different CDNs and caching algorithms running. Im curious to know why you chose to use stackpath for your static resources, since Cloudflare already delivers the same CDN functionality?

Hi again and thank you so much for your help. Well I though that stackpath will make my site fast, so I tried it. But I am surprised why my two sites stockpsd(dot)net and pixelsdesign(dot)net are working while freebiedesign(dot)net is not working. Will Cloudflare deliver in the same fastest way as stackpath do for all countries ?


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