Bandwidth limitation

Is there any bandwidth limit in the Pro plan?

There’s no bandwidth limit for any plan (free or paid) as long as you’re not abusing the service.

I am currently on the PRO plan and I notice slowness on weekends.

Even with small traffic, how slowness occurs.

You know why?

Is there a plan that allows me to switch between network routes?

This can be caused ba several reasons but i doubt that Cloudflare’s edges are the bottleneck. Start with your internet connection or check your host first. A traceroute or MTR gives a good overview.


As stated above, problems only occur on weekends, Saturdays and Sundays.

The proof that the problem is in the route / cloudflare is that when we disable cloudflare, the site works again very well.

The tests were carried out in 5 different states in Brazil.

Currently it is working very well, I will need to wait until the problem appears on Saturday to make several prints and make the shipment.

Anyway, I will send a print that I took yesterday, Sunday, at the time of the problem.

Unfortunately the problem affects the use of my clients and this is really bad.

Is it possible to change the route I’m on or at least give an analysis in this case?

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