Bandwidth cut at night hour in Italy [SOLVED]


I have a server of my own property in housing at a data center in Milan Caldera with a dedicated band of 1Gbps, I set up a website monitor with Zabbix (installed in a server outside the datacenter and on Fastweb FTTC connivity) and I immediately realized a strange behavior on the response times of sites with Cloudflare enabled.
I enclose the charts of this night of three sites all related to the same time slot and all hosted on the same server:

  • Website without Clouflare
  • Website with Cloudflare Pro
  • website with Clouflare Free

    The graph shows a bandwidth cut on the two sites with Cloudflare at night in Italy (01:00 UTC - 07:00 UTC), is there a reason for this behavior? Did we activate something wrong with the Clouflare configuration? Is the same thing measurable in the night hours of other geographical areas?


The times shown in the graph are UTC in this case, so it the issues appear between 2am and 8am CET?!

Can you rule out that your Fastweb connection is possibly limiting the throughput to Cloudflare at those times? But considering the available facts so far I’d open a support ticket at and maybe they can shed some light on it. Generally I wouldnt be aware of any such drops though.

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I found that the slowdown was due to a problem of programming the website, thank you very much for the valuable support.


How come it did not exhibit the behaviour when you checked it directly, bypassing Cloudflare?


Because the three graphs above refer to three different sites, all created by our company and all on the same server and on the same connectivity. We have now discovered that the second and third in the performance drop-down band performed an incorrect procedure of emptying the local cache.
Cloudflare does not hit anything at all.

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