Bandwidth Alliance with Backblaze free egrees for images and other files?

I wanted to ask a few questions

I wanted to use Cloudflare with Backblaze because of the Bandwidth Alliance for the free egrees, my question is if i load images from Backblaze B2 through a Cloudflare worker to my website does the free egrees work there?

Is it allowed that I serve the images and files through Cloudflare, with enough users it could reach GB or TB

When i learned that the Bandwith Alliance exist with Backblaze B2 i thought that it would be free for every possible file in Backblaze B2 but on the internet i read that its only for html and other people say its free for everything in Backblaze B2 even if i load images or videos through it

If its not allowed to load images videos or files from Backblaze B2 through Cloudflare with the Bandwidth Alliance is there any option to make that possible?

It doesn’t matter the file type, as long as it goes through Cloudflare. A Worker is great, lots of people use a Worker + B2 for their CDNs (me included!). We store lots of images in B2 :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I was a bit worried because i read from different people that its againt Cloudflare rules to use Cloudflare and Backblaze to load many images or files that together can reach multiple GB or TB in size.

So I understand it right that its totally allowed to use the Bandwith Alliance (Cloudflare worker + Backblaze) for the purpose of serving my customers or there customers there files (images or other files) through Cloudflare even if one individual customer can have up to 500GB storage on our site (storage on Backblaze B2)?

I mean, as long as you follow the ToS and Supplemental Terms you’re ok.

As for your specific use case, honestly, the best person to answer that is Cloudflare themselves. You aren’t storing on CF just transmitting through them but if you’re doing a high volume (TBs+) then you may need to have at least a paid plan.

Funnily enough, @albert asked this in the Workers Discord just a few minutes ago. There isn’t really an answer anyone in the community can give though, it’s best answered by Cloudflare themselves. I know people in Discord have asked the team there so you could join and look at the reply when they wake up. You can also contact support and talk about your site and how much traffic you expect to see what they say.

I am not a lawyer nor work for Cloudflare though so I cannot give you an exact answer.

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All right, thanks for the help :slight_smile: