Ban domain IP on CloudFlare

Banning the IP domain without violating policies on Cloudflare for many countries. I changed the server more than once to solve the problem, and I also transferred the domain to more than one account, and the problem still exists. What is the solution? What are the reasons for this happening?

What domain IP issue are you talking about? A warning from Cloudflare on the IPs?

The reasons are not explained, the location of the site in Egypt

If I buy an IP from Cloudflare for this domain only, will the problem be solved?

I want to know the solution when connecting the dsn to Cloudflare, the site is broken for some visitors, and when removing the dsn from Cloudflare, it works fine!

There is a known issue with Egypt blocking Cloudflare IPs. There is nothing that Cloudflare can do

I don’t understand what you mean, is there a solution for this issue?

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do. Egypt is blocking the connections to those IPs and they need to be the ones to unblock them.

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