Ban / block IP based on http reponse / train WAF

I have my own set of filters / rules, which I use to ban IP addresses. Some of these rules are probably handled by CF, but some of them are very targeted, and cannot be handled by CF.

For these requests, I return a specific http response. Without CF, I’d just ban the IP with for example fail2ban.

My question: How can I (temporarily) ban an IP address based on the origin response code?
Ideally this would either be after 1 request (severe threat) or after a number (5 for example) requests with that specific response code.

A ban / block could be the action, but I can imagine that something like “increase_threat_score” could be the action as a result of the response code.

If the response code would be a universal response code for Cloudflare, CF could investigate these responses to improve the global WAF.

The reason I don’t want to use an api to block ip’s manually is that I also want to unban them after a while, and I don’t really want Cloudflare tokens/keys on those servers.

This is possible with Cloudflare rate limiting on certain plan types or with workers.

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