Badge is gone

Hi guys,

I just realized that I lost the Popular Link badge (earned twice).

I know it’s no big deal, but since I figured it out, I’m here reporting. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I suspect the link changed/post with the link was removed or something else that can be easily explained. But, I’ve let the folks at discourse know and will share what I find out as it feels like a “not planned” behavior.

Hi, Cloonan!

I thought this might be the case, however - if I’m not mistaken - the links through which I earned the badge remain intact in their respective topics. One of them was about to reach 300 clicks the last time I saw it - which would mean earning the Hotlink badge, but it doesn’t matter.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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The team just got back to me and seems this is related to an update where some of the links were rewritten, this zeroed out counts.

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As fast as Cloudflare edge! :sweat_smile:

Then that’s it. Thanks for your attention, buddy!

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