Bad website and bad customer service

A week I try to add my site and I can’t, I waited two days after adding the name servers, but the domain is not activated
And I have 3 other sites, and if I send to customer service, no one responds
In fact, I hope tomorrow cloudflare will be removed

Hio @danysamyamin,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience. If you want help with getting Cloudflare set up, please post the domain name.
But I deleted the name servers, why wait, I added the name servers, and I slept for two days, two days, and I opened to see that it was not activated
I tried from another account and waited a day and also it was not activated and I have 3 other domains
I sent them. I told them, please, I want to activate the domain manually so that I can’t activate it, no one answers, no one cares

Unfortunately, since you couldn’t wait an hour for Community help and have deleted the name servers, there’s nothing we can do to assist. If you wish to try again, please let us know when you’ve changed the name servers back.


Name servers added again sir
I deleted the name servers so that I can share my site How do I install my site and the name servers point to cloudflare

You need to change the nameservers at your registrar. They currently point to


Yes, sir, it is changing now, and this is not the problem. The problem is that I waited a day and two before, and all the name servers were published, but the activation was not done. Mostly, I did not wait an hour.

It is not the name servers that are the problem, even if all the name servers are published, the automatic activation will not occur

Your registrar appears to be Ionos/1&1, but even their WHOIS says you’re not using Cloudflare name servers.


And what should I do if I talk to customer service for hosting

If your hosting is also your domain registrar, send them the picture I posted and ask them to change the Nameserver list.

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If there is a problem with the domain host, I will move my domain from there. Thank you

There shouldn’t be a problem. Most domain registrars will let you change the name servers in your WHOIS setup.

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German hosting is good but customer service is not good. I sent them and did not receive a response
I really hate any hosting that doesn’t provide good customer service, so I’m thinking of moving the domain better

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Hi, Im a customer of cloudflair, what I did was make a free domain that was compatable with CF that way i can keep my original (OG) domain and the new one points to CF, then if you wish people to visit CF domain give that domain name and if you want them to visit direct without CF then give OG domain name, thats how i did it, that way when both work you have a choise, hope this idea helps!

There are some issue while implementing cloud fare