Bad support for load balance service

I raised more than 3 tickets till now, all respone i get is redeciolous and proofing that the level of support for load balancer service is so bad !!! wrong analysis with wrong solution in addition to the very slow response to solve .
my issue is that i have:
Primary pool with 2 origins:
origin 1
origin 2
secondary pool with one origin

if origin 1 is up all origins show healthy , if origin 1 goes down, all will show critical with code mismatch error. so traffic will be served from secondary pool instead of origin 2 in same primary pool
once origin 1 goes up again , all become healthy

the health check i use is to check code 200. i tried to add resonse bode but didnt help, change to 301 didnt help, changed from http to https , didnt help
and Cloudflare support also cant help
shall i move to other load balancer services ???

Can you post the Ticket # here?

Maybe a screenshot as well. I don’t use the load balancer, but a screenshot of the origin setup in the primary pool might provide a hint.

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last ticket is #1709431

I see the ticket and replies from support. I also see they’ve cleaned up and merged the multiple tickets to one. Keep the conversation there, multiple tickets slow the free support queue for everyone, including you.


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