Bad Score On Google Site Speed Test

I manage two websites Extreme Canopy and Extreme Marquees both sites use Cloud Flare.

I was recommended to use Cloud Flare because I wanted to improve our site speed, particularly on Google developers site speed test.

We have Cloud Flare working however are still getting really bad website speed scores.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?


Something in your configuration is making that carousel load and reload endlessly the images. Even though they are cached by Cloudflare, it adds to size of the page (started at 3.4MB and was over 19MB last I saw), as well as to the time it takes to finish (apparently, never :slight_smile: ). That’s probably why you are seeing the bad speed scores.

Also, Cloudflare does not cache elements not coming from your domain (such as and, Google Fonts etc).


Thank you very much. Can you please tell me which tool you were using that showed the page size over 19MB. Thanks!

That was Developer Tools, available with either F12 or Ctrl-Shift-J in most browsers. In Chrome, open the Network tab and it should show the size and time to finish in the bottom.

It grew to that size after a while. As I said, when it first loaded it was under 4MB.

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