Bad routing on free plans in Russia?

Hi. I use free CF plan. Today I noticed that the ping to my sites located in Moscow from Moscow is around 40ms. And this despite the fact that in Moscow and throughout Russia there are at least 5 CF data centers, but traffic goes through Amsterdam, judging by this site .

And this is not a problem of my provider, to check the ping, I also used a service that pings a domain from all DCs in Russia.

I checked all my domains, plus a few other random sites on the free plan, and all the same. At the same time, on the site with 20 bucks plan, traffic goes through the Moscow DC - DME, ping is around 1 ms, against 40ms on the free plan. It turns out that all Russian sites on the free plan, physically located on a hosting in Moscow, have a delay of more than 40 ms instead of 1 ms, because the traffic goes through Europe.

I understand it’s free and all, but why is it needed if websites on the free plan are now much slower than without CF at all?

This is the case with any area; for example, new york u.s serving u.s or just for the city of new york will be slightly higher ms. CF is fantastic if you do a large international audience, but your case a slight delay is added, and free plans do not prioritize traffic compared to higher plans too.

Cloudflare has limited resources in that region and is unable to add more, so prioritizing paid traffic seems like a reasonable course of action.


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