Bad Robot Attack on my website

Hi there,

My website visitors have increased by 2691 percent since I opened my google analytics account today. My bounce rate has decreased as well.

Through reading various blogs, I discovered that it was a bad robot attack on my website. Even with cloudflare configured, attacks still occur.

All my keywords’ SERP positions have now dramatically decreased and they are no longer even appearing in the top 100. What can I do to prevent this from happening again in the future and how can I regain my SERP position?

There’s no “magic wand” to stop bad bots. You can use Firewall Rules to challenge by threat score, and you can turn on Bot Fight Mode. Beyond that, you need to analyze the traffic going to your site to discern characteristics you want to block.

I have checked the analytics and bot traffic has landed on home page by direct address.

It was happened on June 07 and after that my SERP positions went down and traffic reduce resultantly. Question is how should get back the SERP position and sustain the traffic?

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