Bad request issue ✅

I don’t know if this is something that can be solved or explained by Cloudflare but I am taking a chance.

I have one visitor who keeps getting a “400 Bad request” error message.

Initially, he was using MS Edge, and I convinced him to try something else. He used Firefox, and it worked for a bit, but then it stopped. I really don’t know what could cause that or if I can do anything. He is pretty annoyed and upset, but he is the only one reporting such an issue that lasts. Others have had the occasional error, but it would just be for a few minutes and then would go away.

Anything I can try or check on my end?

The site is


Hi there, I visited your website via USA, England, and Singapore VPN, there seems to be no issue in accessing your website, it is working perfectly well.
I think there is some issue with your visitor not with your website.
If but he is the only one reporting such an issue this means there is some prob with his/her system or maybe your website is not accessible to him/her from his/her location.

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Thank you. That is what I suspected: it is something with HIS device configuration.

Although it is likely outside of this forum’s scope, any suggestion I can give him to check or do?

Your site is generally loading fine. Have you checked your server logs already, as any such error will most likely come straight from your server.

Alternatively, it could be they are using a local proxy to access the web, in which case that could possibly throw that error, as could a possibly installed security software. I’d check that with him as well.

I’d also clarify with him if he receives that error on particular URLs.

Generally speaking this won’t be a Cloudflare issue, however, and would be somewhat off-topic here.

Thank you Sandro. Yes, I understand this is outside the scope of Cloudflare support. Your information confirms what I suspected. Let’s just say that this person is really convinced that the problem is my site, my webmaster, etc. and that he has nothing to do with this. If I was to find one thing that would, for sure, fix it, he would be happy, but trying things is not something he is too keen to do!

Thanks again.

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No worries, of course there’s the possibility that your site throws that error, but that’s something that your log files should tell you.

If he is not too keen on helping you figuring it out, it will be certainly a tad more difficult but I’d really start with the logs :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity (mostly for my own understanding), when a user gets such a “Bad request” error message, is it because MY site/server is blocking them (like blacklisting or something similar) or is it THEIR computer/IP/system/whatever that is refusing to connect to the site/server in particular?

(On a side note, this person emailed me this morning, as he is trying to log into a DIFFERENT site of mine (same hosting but different server) and is locked out again. So my guesses are that either it has to do with a setting I have on Cloudflare that his system does not like or he has a serious computer/firewall/anti-virus issue that I can’t help.)

And I have not had a chance to go check the log, by the way.

As already mentioned, it could be both.

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