Bad radar categorization causing resolution issues

There are a few domains that are marked as “Parked/For sale” even though they are actually registrars that sell domains. and Because of this, if you have parked domains blocked in gateway they will become unresolvable. Please let me know, thanks.

Agreed, those don’t sound like Parked/For Sale. Please submit a recategorization request:


Thanks, I did a few times already, no dice. I posted here hoping that an employee might take notice.

I wanted to post another update to let people know those domains are resolving fine now. However, this issue is still present on other domains when there is some kind of whois issue or nonstandard whois it seems. I’d really appreciate an official response as I cannot be confident that any domain that doesn’t have ‘perfect’ whois won’t just get tossed into the NRD/NSD blocklist.

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