Bad performance when proxying websockets


I have a 2d shooter game that uses websockets to send packets back and forth 60 times a second. If I run my app with Cloudflare through my domain with ‘proxied’ property turned on (in the console that red cloud with gray arrow crossing it or look at for ‘proxied’ property) then I end up with horrible freezes, twitching and one disconnect in 10 min period of testing.

If I turn ‘proxied’ off (gray cloud with arrow bypassing the cloud) then I have everything fine. The performance is the same as if I simply connect to my server directly throught the load balancer.

  1. Why Websockets are proxied through Cloudflare so badly?
  2. If I use argo will my servers automatically be proxied throught Cloudflare? If so, then seems like I will have a performance decrease instead of promised increase on the Argo page.
  3. Does argo help with websockets performance at all?


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