Bad IP reputation

Hi, iam trying to figure out why my ip is blocked by cloudflare
i cannot see my ip on any blacklist / spam list

can someone help me ?

thank you

Can you screenshot the block page you’re getting? There are many different types of block pages and very rarely is an IP completely blocked on the entire Cloudflare network.

captcha on every website protected by cloudflare

It’s likely that bot or malicious traffic has been seen on the IP you are using which causes it to trigger that challenge based on the Security Level setting for a site. You would either want to get a new IP (not always an option/often dynamically assigned to you) or continue to fill out the captchas and solve the challenges so your IP reputation score improves over time.

iam using IPS from fortigate and APT protection from trendmicro and no alert on any devices, so i dont think so i have some malware on network, it is posible that cloudflare is using whole subnet of ISP as calculation of rating ? like other IP from ISP have malware and is from same subnet ?

This isn’t a case of malware running on the IP you listed, per se. It’s a case where that IP is associated with bad traffic. I don’t believe they do it on an ISP level but perhaps. Your internal security devices/software wouldn’t matter. The Captcha’s you are seeing don’t necessarily mean your IP is blocked, it could be almost any number of controls causing you to see the captcha or js challenges. If you are from a blocked country, using a VPN or Tor, are doing something like modifying headers with a browser extensions, or if the IP you are using was previously flagged as malicious then you could get that page. The individual security controls users set for their websites are what determine whether you get a challenge or not.

You can reach out to the website admin and ask them if they can see why you are specifically being blocked if you want to get a better understanding of what is happening.

thank you for your answer

i cannot ask every web page protected by cloudflare why iam seeing captcha, some of the websites are broken because of subpages which is using cloudflare and asking for captcha…

i will wait for some days and hope that problem will go away

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after 3 days, problem went away, ip is no longer on list, i have double checked traffic from my IP and it is still clean, but iam glad that some santas AI decided iam not on bad list

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