Bad HTTP Response Code

Today, I updated one of my blogs and added a photograph, updated some content. When I went to share on My business Facebook page I got a URL returned bad HTTP response code. What gives?

Here is the location of the Blog:

Here is a Screenshot of the Facebook Developer Scrape

Does anyone know how I can prevent this in the future and how I can remedy the situation within Cloudflare?

I think you have enabled I am under attack mode. Hence getting the error on facebook.

I wish it were that easy, but I have never turned that feature on.

But I got captcha when I tried to access your page.

I tried again and I got http 200 this time. Tried facebook debugger. here are results.

Ok I did make one change. I had gotten attacked from China and I basically blocked that country. I removed it and that seems to have resolved the issue. weird

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