Bad Glue and DNS changes

Hey Guys,

My domain is currently being managed by the Cloudflare DNS. I have added some txt, MX and other records. They are showing up and I have checked them and they are correct. Yet when I am checking them via the 3rd party its not working. So I run a test to check to see if its being shown on the records. The domain is

But when I run the test it says there was a few problems with the DNS one was bad glue (what ever the ■■■■ that means)

Anyone idea how:

  1. Get the records working
  2. Fix the issues with the bad glue as I am assuming this is having some kind of detrimental effect.


Do you have any “glue” or “personal DNS” records set up at your Registrar?

I believe that tool is looking to test the root domain. Which only reports (non errors) regarding the serial.

Thats weird, it seems to have sorted it’s self out. My DNS is being managed by Cloudflare now. I have shifted my domains over to dana etc.

With regards to the other settings I need to set in the DNS. I have to run some TXT and MX records to verify my domain. I have done this hours and hours ago (I would of expected it to be able to be verified now) . anyone any idea how long this would normally take?


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