"Bad Gateway" when creating Cloudflare tunnel using mDNS name

I installed cloudflared onto an Ubuntu Linux 22.04 LTS server, running on an ODROID M1 (arm64) device. I installed cloudflared using the Debian package, not Docker.

On my local network, I use mDNS to resolve names of other devices, such as other Linux servers, using the avahi-daemon package.

In the Cloudflare Zero Trust console, I created a tunnel, and configure it to point to http://mdnsname.local:9999.

When I attempt to access the domain myapp.mywebsite.com, I get a “Bad Gateway” error message from Cloudflare.

However, when I change the tunnel configuration to use the target device’s IP address, it works fine.

Will cloudflared support resolving mDNS names?


have you managed to solve this? I’m running into the same problem.

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Bump. Hoping cloudflared will support resolving multicast DNS names on the local network.

No need to bump, just post in the feedback category and have folks vote on them.

Same problem here.
I guess a reverse proxy server, which cloudflared is, just doesn’t support mDNS, but I’m far from being a network expert.