"Bad Gateway" when creating Cloudflare tunnel using mDNS name

I installed cloudflared onto an Ubuntu Linux 22.04 LTS server, running on an ODROID M1 (arm64) device. I installed cloudflared using the Debian package, not Docker.

On my local network, I use mDNS to resolve names of other devices, such as other Linux servers, using the avahi-daemon package.

In the Cloudflare Zero Trust console, I created a tunnel, and configure it to point to http://mdnsname.local:9999.

When I attempt to access the domain myapp.mywebsite.com, I get a “Bad Gateway” error message from Cloudflare.

However, when I change the tunnel configuration to use the target device’s IP address, it works fine.

Will cloudflared support resolving mDNS names?

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have you managed to solve this? I’m running into the same problem.

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Bump. Hoping cloudflared will support resolving multicast DNS names on the local network.

No need to bump, just post in the feedback category and have folks vote on them.