Bad gateway on site that is 100% up

Good afternoon,

I have contacted my provider but they sent me to cloudflare, and since I found no other way to find support I will make a post here.

For about 3 months now I cannot connect to filejoker from my home address. I get the 502 bad gateway from cloadflare. I know the site is up, because it works on my mobile phone (wifi off) and other people can connect aswell. I even got a new comuter, so it’s not that. Any idea’s? I looks like cloudflare amsterdam can’t connect with filejoker . net for some reason.

Are you the site owner?

no, just trying to use it.

You’d have to contact the site owner. They may have a configuration error that’s preventing Cloudflare from contacting their server.

More information for the site owner is in the link provided in your initial post:

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