Bad gateway error code 502 Host

Hello, all of the sudden I cannot access to my website, it says bad gateway error 502 contact your host. I thought my host was Ionos as I pay my domain to them but they told me my host is Cloudflare but because im on a free plan I cannot contact anyone. Can anybody help me to solve this issue as to why my website stopped working? Thank you in advance!

Attached screengrab of the issue. Thank you!

Your host is where ever you upload and manage your site. Cloudflare just proxies your site. They only hosting they offer is static hosting with Pages.

Thank you for taking the time to reply! OK, i’m confused here. Ionos is where I pay my domain and I also use Digital Ocean to cloud the web. Both say the are not the hosts. I thought my only alternative was Cloudflare. I’m so confused

You can look at the DNS entry to figure out the host. If the companies still deny the issue, then make the DNS record :grey: so they will see it isn’t Cloudflare.

Good morning, weirdly my website is back to work normal. I dont know what has happened or who y host is, but happy the web is back on. Thank you so much for your help and advice! Have a good one.

I also had the same issue after connecting my website ‘union binding’ to cloudflare.

Dis you work out why it happened? Im still confused as to whom is my host, after every party denies is them.