Bad Gateway Error Accessing My Bluehost From Safari

For some reason, for awhile now, whenever I tried using my Safari browser on my Mac to access, it would show me the page, then quickly bring up a Cloudflare 502 Bad Gateway error page.

It woudl list both browser and Cloudflare as “working,” but would list host as “error.”

It only happens when I use my Safari browser, but if I use Firefox, the page appears.

As Safari is my primary browser, I would very much like to get this issue sorted. Even trying to clear the browser’s cache had no effect. Also, I do not use Cloudflare. I am trying to access the Bluehost CPanel, but I see the Cloudflare page just as the Bluehost login page appears.

What say you? Thanks!

502 are normally uncorrelated to the browser used.

Here are some things to attempt.

it’s definitely browser-related, not sure which side though (server vs client). cpanel login works fine in chrome and firefox, no 502s, but trying from safari won’t work unless you clear the cache. that’s not a real fix though, i use dozens of logins for work and shouldn’t need to clear my cache every time i want to log in to bluehost

@jayf1ex I agree that it should work from the get-go, and it has up until the day that the Bad Gateway errors started happening wiht Safari, and has never let up since. I did the “empty cache” command, but that did not clear up the issue.

I’ll look at the link @Matteo has shared, to see if any solutions are there.

@Matteo I have generated a HAR file. Please advise on how best to deliver it. I’m not a Cloudflare user or customer; just someone who got caught inside a net. Thank you.

hey @velanche , try this link directly myDOTbluehostDOTcom/hosting/app …i have been able to access cpanel consistently using safari by using that link instead of the redirect from bluehost’s link (replace the DOTs with dots, obv)

@jayflex Right on! Indeed, going tot he page did not immediately switch over to the bad gateway page. The login page is holding its own. This is awesome! I suppose not a permanent fix, but good enough to pin that page so that I don’t need to repeatedly type the URL.

Many, many thanks! This has been a pain for weeks, so happy to have it back and can now stick to a single browser…for now!

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Well so much for the workaround. I somehow got ensnared again with the damn 502 page and this time, typing the URL just lands me to that spot.

I am frustrated.

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