Bad Gateway 502

Hello Community,

I have installed a Zero Trust Tunnel, the status says active and connected, I can ping my Routes as well as get information of the Tracer route | BUT I cannot access my Synology DS 1821+ with the latest DSM
What do I overlook, what settings do I have to do at the DS1821+

When you say you “cannot access” your Syno DS can you clarify?
Syno has their own Syno Assistant app which can help you locate DSMs on the network. Alternatively you may access your DSM using the IP address and port number. (5000 is usually default HTTP, 5001 default HTTPS).
If you were successful in creating your tunnel, then once you added your Synology to the public hostnames you should be able to reach it through your CF domain name. Remember if using HTTPS you may have to go to TLS in Additional application settings and select No TLS Verify (Enabled). This disables TLS verification of the certificate presented by your origin and use your Syno HTTPS port.

It is also a great idea to add your internal IP range used to access/manage your Syno e.g. to the Private Network CIDR range of your tunnel.

thank you for your suggestion — To clarify, I can reach the Synology NAS via Synology from the internet, but I would like to reach the Synology NAS via Cloudflare
running with Docker, it has to do with the Networking, but yet I was not able to solve the problem.
Thank you Freddie

O ok. No worries :slight_smile: Our mileage varies. When I installed CF tunnels I can only reach my NAS from CF and Syno I am unable to access via the DDNS service which protects my home IP. I run cloudflared 2023.2.1 in Docker on DSM 6.2.4

Remember to add your Source IPv4 (public IP address) under Gateway > DNS Locations. Click on setup instructions. These instructions give additional details on making the necessary DNS changes to your router / configurations - Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Linux and Firefox. Hope this helps a little. Keep at it :slight_smile: