Bad Gateway 502 error on tunnel url

Hello Im having trouble setting up my zero trust network. i keep getting this image on all of the Tunnels ive made i made sure that they are running. I’m currently trying to get portainer and textgenweb up.

Not sure if this is important
When I go to the main domain name it has a 404 Google not found
The main domain is a redirect CNAME if needed I can show what that looks like.

When I try to go to any of the domains that are running on the computer with the tunnel I get the bad gateway. I’m running the tunnel on arch Linux through docker (not sure if that matters)

If you want the main domain to go over the tunnel, you would need to change the CNAME to point to the tunnel, rather than e.g. the target name we spoke about in the other thread.

As for the 502 Bad Gateway, as I just mentioned in the other thread:

As for debugging that one, considering you mentioned tunnel, I would check your cloudflared logs for errors.

I do appreciate everything where are error logs? I found the zero tunnels logs but I’m not sure as to what I should be looking for.

Check if the command systemctl status cloudflared is providing useful information.

By default, cloudlared does not write to / store a log file on the machine itself.

Something might eventually be available through the log stream in the Dashboard.

Alternatively, you may need to stop the tunnel, and then re-start it with logging enabled.


Hello so i was able to figure out how to view the logs i just reloaded the page and logs started to show up… kinda feel dumb but yup it happened. Anyways turns out that (at least for) portainer it uses a self certificate when I originally set the tunnel up i did not have “no TLS Verify” on. i figure this out after watching a YouTube channel by network chuck.

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