Bad DS record on our domain


I’ve done the ticket #3211418.

Gandi is our registrar.

Yesterday afternoon at 4:30pm French time, we migrated our DNS zone from GCP to Cloudflare. DNSSEC was enabled on GCP but not on Gandi. After migrating the zone to Cloudflare we disabled DNSSEC on GCP, which apparently caused problems in resolving the domain.

We proceeded with a rollback to return to the GCP zone and we enabled and then again disabled DNSSEC on GCP.

We were still seeing DNSSEC problems, you can see a DS record here:

And you can see the problem here:

We migrated back to Cloudflare at 3:45pm French time today. But this time DNSSEC was disabled on GCP.

Unfortunately, we still see the DS record.

How and where can we delete this DS record?

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

DNSSEC is currently enabled for your domain. It must be disabled (or the DS records updated) through the registrar…


Hi Sjr,

On Gandi it’s written “Inactive”:

I contacted them but for now I don’t have any answers

Maybe it takes them some time to effect the change, but it’s definitely enabled at the registry (see my screenshot) and the .li zone (see the link), and that’s why you see there is a DS record.


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