Bad connection to "nearest" PoP

As of today I am having really bad latency to my “nearest” PoP, I say “nearest” in quotes because on the Cloudflare Free plan it likes to use different PoPs

Here’s an MTR to my site on the free plan


It seems to just be an issue with those last two hops… the trouble is. What can I do?

Maybe not related directly to your post but I do not even get served from the nearest POP, maybe there are some restrictions for Free Users.

I life somewhere near Stuttgart, my Server is located in Kalrsruhe but my POP is Amsterdam?
8 other Domains (in the same account) are pointing to the same Server and most of them are getting served from different POPs?

Thats pretty weird. Also the nearest POP (Frankfurt, FRK) does not serve me.

I already opened a ticket for this but no response since 3 days.
I can understand if some POPs are just for paid plans.

But I cant unterstand this:

I’m requestion 5 sites which I have on the same Server and every Site gets served from a different POP?
If my location stays the same and the origin Server is the same the serving POP should be the same, or am I wrong?

I’m not sure how it is in EU as there are PoPs every two hundred meters, but the story is different here in Oceania, here it can be the difference between a 7ms RTT and a 210ms RTT

Sites on the Cloudflare free plan are served from PoPs where it’s cheapest for them to do so

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