Bad configuration for IPV6 PTR

Hello, I noticed that my domain name is added to the end of my DNS PTR record in IPv6 Example: 1 IN PTR

Cloudflare puts it automatically after recording, so recording doesn’t work…

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You can only create records in your zone in your Cloudflare account. PTR records for IPv4 and IPv6 live in the and zones, respectively. Those zones are not under your control, so you will not be able to create any valid PTR records.

Unless you have been delegated a child zone in the zone and have an agreement with Cloudflare to host that zone, you are not going to be managing PTR records in your Cloudflare account.

Ok, so I have to use a separate DNS server only for my reverse IPv6 ?

You need to discuss that with the party that has been assigned the IP allocation by the RIR in charge of that network. This is usually whoever provided the IP to you.

Ok, thanks

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