Bad bots and PRO version

Hello folks

I want to know did PRO version protect website against bad bots?

Cloudflare by default protects websites against bad bots.

Moreover, Bot Fight Mode can be setup as needed:

An detailed explination about “good” vs “bad” bots can be read here:

Cloudflare plans to expand its list of known bots in the near future.

The good bots are listed on the below link:

As far as I use Cloudflare, there is at least more than one option on each Cloudflare plan included to protect a domain/website from bad bots.

For example, using a Pro plan has more benefits like a Managed Web Application Rules, which adds some more level of protection for your domain/website - (like SQL injection, etc.) and not just bad bots protection.

This could also depend on the usage of the available security options for your domain/website.

I’d start with Firewall Rules on the free plan. I have Super Bot Fight Mode enabled on a Pro Plan and while I don’t see much in the way of bad bots, I sure see a ton of annoying bots constantly poking around on my sites.

Thanks for your info,but on chat from some agent called Diego from Cloudflare, i receive diferent answer. Please check attachments.

The Enterprise Plan does do better with Bot Management based on Threat Scores. It’s really nice. But I have pretty good luck just with Firewall Rules that JS Challenge based on certain criteria: Countries, User Agents, ASN (hosts), etc, while letting the “Good” bots through. Though I do block some of the “Good” bots I just don’t care for.

So sdayman can you explain why Enterprise plan is better then PRO plan for bot bots?

I little bit not understand diferent from PRO and Enterprise against bad bots. But, according to chat which i have already provided,if i buy PRO plan my website will not be protected from bad bots.

My Threat Score comment wasn’t accurate, I was thinking of Bot Score, which is what the Enterprise Plan enabled. More info here:

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