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Hi, My name is Talha and i am a blogger, I’ve a website in Technology niche. I never purchased or use any black hat SEO service to make backlinks for my website. I know it is totally useless to buy backlinks from this type of companies or services. My website is 4 years old, and it had a clean back-links profile. But from last month, I noticed that my website is getting backlinks from website which are not niche related and they don’t have much pages only single page which is just use to put backlink on it. I always check my backlinks using Ahrefs services. Currently the backlinks numbers are around 90. From different domains. I also tried to contact to the admin of each and every single domain but didn’t get a single response.

Please i don’t want to loose my SERPs because of the bad backlinks profile. If there is any way to get rid of these backlinks please share it here to help me.

Thanks a lot.


This doesn’t sound like a Cloudflare issue, but Yoast has some tips:

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