Backup stream for inputs?


Is there any way to provide a backup stream (or even video) in the case of an input connection being dropped.

–The problem

We do a lot of streaming from remote locations and sometimes we get Internet ■■■■ where both our connections go down… the software crashes or other random things happen that take us out for 1-10 minutes during a several hour stream.

When this happens - other third party software along the way thinks that we have finished our event , even though we have not clicked manually to finish an event… this is usually a generous 3 minutes but once that passes… all the stream keys become invalid and our audience is blown into obliteration.

We have start a new event.

If we could just “start” a backup stream on our input on Cloudflare and just keep that going… even a short video clip stored in the cloud… and once the main input goes live just use that instead.

Until we stop the entire stream… even if manually clicking something in Cloudflare or via an API??