Backup SSL Not Issued


So on one of my sites, the backup SSL was issued but on another site, the backup SSL has not been issued.

On the site w/o the backup SSL issued, I had both the Advanced CAA and Universal CA. I then disabled the Universal SSL about a week ago or so and a backup SSL still has not been issued.

Should I wait a bit longer and maybe Cloudflare will issue a backup SSL in September?


Did you re-enable Universal SSL?

Nope, I just have that Advanced CAA up.

Try re-enabling Universal SSL, I’m unsure if backup certs are issued when it is disabled.

So backup certs are never issued alongside Advanced certs?

Just checked the docs and it looks like they don’t

If Cloudflare is providing authoritative DNS for your domain, Cloudflare will issue a backup Universal SSL certificate for every standard Universal certificate issued.

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Ah, okay. I wonder when they will support that in the future or if that is something that’s really not that big of a deal when ordering an Advanced Cert from Cloudflare via “Edge Certificates”.

Thanks for the help!

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