Backup IP?

Is there any way to have something like this:
If your main server’s IP can’t connect, it would first try to connect to a different IP address,
then should that not connect either, display the always-online page.

Cloudflare Load Balancing is probably what you need.

Although you can also create multiple A records so that Cloudflare will perform round-robin to each of the A records, but round-robin DNS is not for failover purposes.


■■■■, I just checked, it’s pretty expensive, but thanks for the help anyways, if I ever get more money coming in, that’ll definetly be the first thing I’ll consider for this!

Cloudflare Loadbalancing is priced relative to your usage, and the total cost is pretty cheap regardless of your level of traffic. Care to share your calculations? I use Load Balancer a lot on a high traffic site, and the annual cost is probably the same as the electricity I used to need for my hardware load balancers.

The alternative is Zero Downtime Failover , which is included in all paid plans.

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