Backup emails so I can point to new web host

Hi. I need instructions for backing up my emails because Im changing my nameservers to point to new host

Afraid that’s a question for your email provider. Cloudflare does not handle emails.

" You’ll need to setup your MX records to the ones below to route your email through us. Please contact Cloudflare if you need assistance as your name servers are with them.

Once done let me know and I can issue an SSL certificate for []( As you can see it has a different IP and needs its own certificate."

On my days! I have a headache already. Please help

That means you just need to configure the correct MX records as provided by your host.

#tutorial has a dedicated tutorial on how to configure MX records.

I have nothing on my dashboard as I only signed up for Cloudflare a few days ago. My website was developed by someone and I believe his account has the credentials for the domains and emails. right now I can’t get hold of him otherwise I would have asked him to do all this for me.

Is there another way I can access this information so that I can configure the MX records?

If you don’t control the domain, you cannot make these changes either, but that brings us back to the original topic, where you first need to control the domain. It’s really best to discuss this with your host.

ok, they advised that they will point the namservers to their platform but that means they will erase all data so I need to back everything up, including emails.

I asked how I need to do that and they said I need to speak to Cloudflare. Now you’re saying I need to go back to them.

This feels like Im being asked “what came first, the chicken or the egg”

What I can confirm is that they can assist with my initial problem which is getting SSL certificate but it comes at the cost of erasing everything, including website and emails. I don’t mind with the website since I want a fresh look anyway. my only issue is backing up my emails and they say they can’t help with that

I wish I was more tech savvy so I could understand how to solve this but I am dependent on your information, and theirs. I need a vacation after this

Pointing the nameservers back to them should not require the deletion of your data, but that’s something only your host can tell you.

I am afraid Cloudflare is not involved at all here. Your domain is currently on a Cloudflare account which is not under your control, so you can only talk to that person and use your host’s nameservers.

As far as your emails are concerned, that’s with your host as well and Cloudflare does not handle that.

Alternatively, you can add your domain to your own Cloudflare account but you would need to know all the necessary records. If you do, you can certainly do that.

alright. what records do I need to know

All DNS records which are necessary for your domain.

Please tell me how I can get those

From your host or from the person who manages your current Cloudflare setup.

Hi. we finally figured it out. thanks for your assistance. it would have been rocket science without your help… actually, it was rocket science, I still don’t get half of the things there haha

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