Backup and restore configuration


I want to migrate my site to other cloudflare account with IP change (some problems with Russian Blocks).
I see information about cf-terraforming but may be anyone can help with guide about backup and restore because I have some errors during backup with main account token and some problems with terraform plan (errors too in DNS records).

Is there any other methods and guides? Thank you for help!

Terraform is it, unless you write your own script, but that’s a huge hassle. It would be faster just to have two browser windows open between the old and new account and cut/paste between the two.

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But I think I can’t such thing because I need to delete domain on one account, attach it to other account and only then configure it.
And as I understand cf-terraforming is script that automatically generate such config based on your domain in CloudFlare

Not so. Users who lose their login info for one account can’t do this, so Cloudflare allows you to add it to a new account without deleting the old one.

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Do you know will CloudFlare change servers that used for my domain with such transfer?

It’s very likely that you will end up with different IP addresses on a different account. Just don’t count on them avoiding the Russian Block for very long, if they’re not already blocked. But you might get lucky.

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