Backend API url getting propagated partially

My site is . The Express backend from which it fetches the posts is not getting fetched after registering it on cloudflare. Whats the issue?

In my website and are on two different servers. 1st one is for frontend and 2nd for backend. The backend has not yet been propagated or somehow my frontend cant fetch data from it. How to keep both of them connected? This is happening after I added the site to cloudflare.

You’ll be using a proxied hostname and running into the firewall. Make sure to only use unproxied hostnames, respectively use the IP address instead.

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I used an Elastic IP address of a EC2 instance. My Express backend running on port 4000 is reverse proxied to port 80 using nginx. I did it because otherwise Let’s Encrypt certificate was not installing on the server and without https, my frontend was not connecting to it.

I turned off “Proxied” for on my Cloudflare DNS panel and its working good now. So does it mean I can’t implement Cloudflare in the backend address?

Precisely what I wrote at Backend API url getting propagated partially - #6 by sandro

You need to make sure to connect directly to your machine.

Alright then thanks :+1:

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