Backblaze B2 API call LIST_FILE_VERSIONS abnormal use from Cloudflare Pages


today I’ve been notified from Backblaze B2 that “Class C Transactions Cap Reached 100%”.
I would have expected Cloudflare to cache, so it would be really odd to exceed my 2,500 Class C Transactions free each day from Backblaze B2.

Since the beginning I always had everything wired correctly on Cloudflare Pages, as per these instructions:

Never had a problem, but today, for the very first time, “Class C Transactions Cap Reached 100%”.

I have reached out the Backblaze B2 support, and they confirmed that today their API call LIST_FILE_VERSIONS is being used a lot, 2,873 times, and they recommend reaching out to Cloudflare support to see why that call is being made so many times and if it can be adjusted.

At my end there has been no action that can justify such a high usage of API call LIST_FILE_VERSIONS.

Also I have a very few images at the moment in my B2 bucket.
My website on Cloudflare Pages is still under development and cannot be reached through domain name and is also protected by Zero Trust to which only I can access.

Any idea of what could have happened? Thanks so much.