B2 Bandwidth Alliance + Cloudflare Workers


I just wanted to get some clarification. I am currently planning on using Cloudflare Workers + Backblaze B2 as part of the Bandwidth alliance for free egress traffic from B2 to offer my application’s downloads. The links will be direct-download style and go through Cloudflare workers to map the correct download name to the Backblaze B2 Location. I know section 2.8 on the ToS states that Non-HTML content is prohibited, but the workers ToS allows for Non-HTML content.

For extra context, there are two downloadable executables, both around the 200MB range and I don’t yet have estimates for amount of downloads, but we’re very small currently in terms of volume, so most work is still off of the free tier (will probably go pro if funds come in)

I just want to clarify whether this falls within those bounds? I don’t want to get this started and risk any termination or suspension.

Thank you for the help!

From MY point of view, as long as its not violating the Terms of Service as in being malicious etc and its not consuming a large amount of bandwidth I wouldn’t see the problem.

The only information we really have to go on is Cloudflare’s ToS

Yeah, I don’t know what goes as malicious as I don’t have any intent to overuse/maliciously use Cloudflare’s network, but is there like a specific number I should look out for?

I have a little trouble interpreting the ToS since it’s seen on Backblaze that any types of files can be used but not the same on Cloudflare’s webpage, so I just want to clarify if anyone on the Cloudflare team could provide a somewhat definite answer

Hi @tmthecoder,


You may use Cloudflare Pages and Workers (whether in conjunction with a storage offering such as Cloudflare Workers KV and Durable Objects or not) to serve HTML content as well as non-HTML content (e.g., image files, audio files) other than video files.

In my opinion, the above paragraph makes it pretty clear that serving executable files is no issue. However, as always, if your usage starts causing issues for Cloudflare they’ll ask you to upgrade to a higher plan.

Additionally, I maintain https://flaredrop.net/ which runs on Workers and has the sole purpose of transferring files. I haven’t had any issues so I wouldn’t worry if I was you :slightly_smiling_face:

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