Azure web apps, Cloudflare and SSL mode

So this is a mystery to me: I’m running a web app on Azure App Service, I haven’t registered/uploaded any SSL certificate on it, I re-route all the https traffic via Cloudflare, I’ve set up Full Strict SSL mode for the domain, and all works fine, NO errors on clients.
How is that possible if I haven’t set up any certificate on the origin server (Azure app service) ?
Which certificate Cloudflare is actually using for encrypting between Cloudflare and the origin server ?
I feel I’m missing something here

Assuming your domain is not stuck with a previous provider and Cloudflare actually loads the right content, from the right server, then, for starters, as long as you are on Full Strict you can be sure that your site is properly secured if it loads fine.

As to the why it loads if you have not explicitly configured a certificate, either your host has automatically issued a certificate for your domain, or - in case you are using a CNAME record - there still is a valid certificate for the hostname indicated by the CNAME record. In the latter case, this will also verify fine on Cloudflare.

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