Azure, NO SSL Certificate, Enabled Full (Strict), Not Getting 526 Errors?

Hi I have a site on Azure and no SSL Certificate is installed. I enabled SSL Full Strict on Cloudflare. My webpages are loading fine. Where are the HTTP 526 errors?

Is this a CNAME to an azure site? Or a direct IP address?

It’s a CNAME to, which does have an SSL cert for * So my next question is, would there by any reason to setup a real certificate on the origin server and switch to an A record?

In case the IP is dynamic, it’s probably better to keep the CNAME instead of switching to an A record. The only downside to using a cname instead of an A record is that Cloudflare will perform a DNS request before connecting to the server, while an A record has no need for DNS lookups. This adds just a little bit of delay to the first visitor per datacenter, but it’s a very minimal delay (<5ms, if that).

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