Azure + Intune registered devices not updating when connected to WARP

when Windows or MAC OS devices are connected to WARP, Intune managed devices do not checkin, policies don’t push, managed apps via Intune don’t install, etc. all this was working up to Dec. 14, 2021 and suddenly it stopped and we are not aware of any change in our tenant that would have caused this. if we looking DNS and HTTP logs, we don’t see anything being blocked.

what’s strange is that iPhones and tablets, running the same WARP config all work. we have confirmed its not a local firewall issue.

as soon as we disable WARP all devices work as expected - any guidance is appreciated.

thank you in advance.

[Edit: removed on fault that’s not a fault]

And Outlook (Windows) has problems synchronising folders to Office 365 Exchange Online when WARP is running.

This is annoying me so much that I had uninstalled WARP from two machines now.

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