Azure + CloudFlare + WP


Having issues with loading CloudFlare on the backend of my WP website. I can install the plugin correctly, but when going to set up and link the account, there is an error (doesn’t actually show an error, but console does) and the page doesn’t load.

Load page: wp-admin/options-general.php?page=cloudflare#/

Error within console: “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 406 (Not Acceptable)”

Hosting: Azure

I have tested it in a non hosted Azure environment and it works. Domain is connected in cloudflare, reporting, but not connected on the WP side.

Any help/insight on how to trouble shoot this would be great.

The problem is in Azure hosting not in Cloudflare , but if you still believe that there is a prob in Cloudflare then send a screenshot of the error

Thank you. I had a feeling this might be the case. I wasn’t able to find any error from CloudFlare. Just a 406 in console when attempting to load the plugin.

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