Azure CDN endpoint custom domain not resolving


Hope this is in the right place… first post.

I’ve setup a DNS cname in Cloudflare (48+ hours ago) which points to the correct azure domain, as instructed by Azure.

But Azure doesn’t want to pick it up, keeps on saying

Tried with both going thru Cloudflare and without, both doesn’t work.

All i’m getting from Azure is below
“We couldn’t find a DNS record for ‘’ that points to ‘’. Before you can associate a domain with this CDN endpoint, you need to create a CNAME record with your DNS provider for ‘’ that points to ‘’”

Please point me in the correct direction, is this a Azure Cloudflare issue… or am i being special?

Your cdn host does not seem to be a CNAME but an A record. Can you post a screenshot of your DNS records? Redact IP addresses if necessary.

support ticket gave the answer, see below if anybody else has the issue

“Under the ‘DNS’ tab on our dashboard, you have CNAME Flattening set to ‘Flatten All CNAMES’, you will need to change this to 'Flatten At root”

Thats a good point.

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