Aylincakmur domain

I have purchased my domain name from GO DADDY! I was told that someone moved my domain to CLOUDFLARE. I have no clue about your company. I want my domain to be back with GO DADDY!!! PLEASEEEEE!!! I did not give anyone an authorization to move my domain to your company!!! Please help me to resolve this issue


If aylincakmur is your domain, you, or someone with access to your GoDaddy account, changed the name servers to Cloudflare. You’ll have to log into your GoDaddy account and change them back.

Thank you! When I logged on my account on go daddy, my domain wasn’t there. It said no domains. When I called go daddy , the ly said your domain name is with Cloudflare… When I reached out to Cloudflare, they said the account email address doesn’t match with the email we have received:( so they didn’t help me either… it has been so frustrating.

It appears that domain is now using Bluehost DNS. Did you do this?

GoDaddy’s own WHOIS says the domain is registered with them. They should be able to fix this.


Thank you so much for your help! Go Daddy was able to figure out what happened to my account… I was using Kajabi first then switched to Wordpress. I guess Kajabi was using Cloudflare. It is too complicated for me to figure all these out:) but now it is resolved. Many many thanks again for your help.


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