Awstats tool on web server to see trafic : almost no more visitor

Excuse me?

Address these questions and we can proceed.

But again, there is no issue in the first place :roll_eyes:

So I am asking for the fifth and last time, do you have any requests blocked in your event log? If you do, you need to check if these were legitimately blocked and if not adjust your security settings. If there are none, there is - as I mentioned more than once - no requests are blocked in the first place and your assumption of dropped traffic simply is wrong and possibly based few resource requests, however the actual visits should still be the same as you - as I also mentioned several times - do not cache these. In short, there does not seem to be an issue and that is something that was clarified ten hours ago. But I am “not cooperative” :roll_eyes:

Thanks, I didn’t want to be rude with you, I have to understand how works Clouflare, I was pretty angry since the help team of Clouflare didn’t help me and this issue has begun since I have changed the OS of my webserver, i.e 6 months, so I begin to desperate to have 10 visitors daily in my Awstats statistics.


Point taken.

But still, what do the Cloudflare logs say? There is no indication that your site is not working. Check out the traffic analytics on Cloudflare and most importantly the firewall log.

I give you this link the audilog CSV file (I don’t if this the good one). I replace my family name and domain name.

Here in attchment a capture of log : I remark that a large number of blocked requests comes from “Browser integrity check” messages :

Is it normal ?

@sandro yes, the blocking of china, ukrainia and russia is intentional

I have been referring to

You do seem to have a firewall rule in place which seemingly blocks Russia, the Ukraine, and China. Assuming you didn’t have them blocked earlier, that could easily account for a significant drop in requests, but that would be by all means intentional, right?

It is, these are the automated requests which I have been talking about all along.

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