AWS SOA record to Cloudflare

Hi guys, since CloudFlare currently doesn’t provide a way to buy a domain, I purshase it externally, this time with AWS to try it out.
AWS created NS records which I already setup in CF. but I also have another entry for SOA, this is it:

Record type
SOA – Start of authority record 1234...

How do I migrate this record to CF?


SOA is Start of Authority. Cloudflare sets this for you, as there can be only one SOA for a domain. Same pretty much goes for NS records. Cloudflare would be your SOA and NS, but you could set NS records here if you want to delegate a subdomain away to another service.


So I included in AWS the NS records from Cloudflare until I can transfer the domain to CF.
Do I need to remove the SOA from AWS and not write anything on Cloudflare? Is that what you said?

If you want to use Cloudflare, you set your WHOIS Name Servers to the two Cloudflare gave you.

Anything else at AWS will be ignored.

Any DNS records you do need would be here. It’s highly unlikely you’ll need NS or SOA records. Only the actual hostnames for the website and email services you have hosted somewhere. These would generally be just “A” and “MX” records.

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Unfortunatly I can’t just delete the SOA record in AWS, it doesn’t allow me to delete it, it’s a must. Now… if I delete it’s content look what happens:

A filed is required. I also tried to put the NS records and id didn’t like it.

So how do I handle this record?

These are the two defaults:

That might be the wrong place for setting name servers. (you can ignore the Glue part below).

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Thanks for posting. I was looking for that!